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Essential Components for Optimal Performance of Your AccuTurn Brake Lathe

Discover the critical components of an AccuTurn brake lathe and how each contributes to its overall performance. Keep your machinery running efficiently and safely with our detailed parts breakdown.

Adjust Screw for AccuTurn

This adjustment screw is specially designed for the AccuTurn Twin Cutter, model number 433750. It’s a critical component that provides superior control, enabling fine adjustments to the Twin Cutter’s system. By allowing for such precision, it ensures the machine operates smoothly and efficiently. This screw is a replacement for the AccuTurn Screw with the reference number 433760. By swapping out worn or damaged screws with this part, you can maintain your machinery’s optimal performance and extend its longevity. This adjustment screw is made with quality and durability in mind, making it an essential piece of maintenance equipment for your AccuTurn Twin Cutter.

Adjust Screw for Accu-Turn

Chip Deflector / Safety Shield for Work Light

Enhance your operational safety with our Chip Deflector / Safety Shield. Tailored to attach to your lathe’s light shade, this shield effectively prevents chips from entering your eyes while turning rotors and drums. With a hole diameter of 4.25″, this versatile safety shield is compatible with various lathe models.
Notably, it fits the RELS 2000 – older models with large lamp shades (replaces part number 40194), Ammco®* models 4000, 4100, 7500, 7700 (replaces parts 11154, 911154), Accu-turn models 8920, 8922, 8944, 8989 (replaces part 436056), and Hunter BL-501, BL-505 (replaces part 179-27-2).
Invest in this premium Safety Shield, designed with your protection at heart, and boost your productivity by eliminating debris interruptions in your workflow. It’s more than just an accessory; it’s an essential tool for safe lathe operation.

Chip Deflector / Safety Shield for Work Light Accu-Turn Brake Lathe Service Parts

Drum Feed Nut

Drum Feed Nut with Coarse Thread Essential for accurate machine operation, this drum feed nut is specifically engineered for AccuTurn Brake Lathes. It features a coarse thread, designed for secure and firm connection, enabling the drum’s precise linear movement along the lathe’s axis. This results in highly precise and consistent cuts.
By replacing your current drum feed nut with this robust part (Replaces Ref 433646), you can assure the sustained high performance and longevity of your AccuTurn Brake Lathe. It’s an indispensable piece for any professional aiming for peak machinery performance.

Drum Feed Nut

Drum Feed Screw

This drum feed screw is a vital component in the effective operation of your AccuTurn Brake Lathe. It works in tandem with the drum feed nut, allowing for the precise movement of the drum along the lathe’s axis.
With its robust design and excellent workmanship, this part ensures controlled and exact machining results every time. It replaces AccuTurn Reference 433157, offering a perfect fit for efficient operation and long lasting durability. Incorporating this quality feed screw into your brake lathe maintenance routine guarantees peak performance and extends the service life of your machinery.

Drum Feed Screw Accu Turn
Drum Silencer Band

Drum Silencer Band

Engineered to reduce vibration and chatter, this Drum Silencer Band is a must have accessory for all brake lathe users. Ideal for use on passenger and light truck drums, it significantly enhances the operation of your machine, resulting in smoother and quieter performance.
Compatible with all model Brake Lathes, including Ammco®* and others, this band is easily installable and extremely efficient in reducing noise and enhancing your work environment. It replaces references 5280, 905280, and 11486V, demonstrating its wide application and adaptability. Opt for our Drum Silencer Band to elevate your Brake Lathe’s performance and your overall machining experience.

Feed Motor with Fan for Accu Turn

Feed Motor with Fan for Accu-Turn

Essential for optimal operation, this Feed Motor with Fan is engineered specifically for AccuTurn Brake Lathes. Designed as a direct replacement (Ref 433641), it provides the necessary power to drive your lathe’s components, ensuring efficient, smooth operation.
The integrated fan plays a crucial role in cooling the motor, preventing overheating and enhancing the longevity of the device. Upgrading your worn or damaged motor with this superior quality Feed Motor with Fan can significantly improve your machinery’s performance and durability, leading to more productive and reliable machining sessions.

OTC Feed Belt

OTC Feed Belt

Specially designed to transmit power in your MAD On The Car Brake Lathe, this cog style OTC Feed Belt is a crucial component for efficient machinery operation. It is created to fit perfectly and provide smooth, reliable power transmission, ensuring that your brake lathe performs consistently at peak efficiency.
This belt serves as a direct replacement for various models, including RELS 52000, Bosch 2002, Accuturn 8820, and Mad TK2211002. Swapping out your current belt with this durable OTC Feed Belt can significantly improve the performance and lifespan of your brake lathe. It’s an essential investment for maintaining optimal operation and preventing any downtime.

Rotor Feed Nut

Rotor Feed Nut

Designed to provide exact control over the rotor’s movement, this Rotor Feed Nut is a critical part of your AccuTurn Brake Lathe. Its fine-thread design ensures a secure and stable connection, leading to uniform and precise cuts.
By replacing your current feed nut with this high quality part (Replaces AccuTurn Reference 433647), you are maintaining the optimal performance of your brake lathe and ensuring its longevity. It’s a crucial component for any professional looking to keep their machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

Rotor Feed Screw

Rotor Feed Screw

This rotor feed screw is an integral part of your AccuTurn Brake Lathe, offering precise control over the movement of the rotor. Working in tandem with the rotor feed nut, this feed screw ensures accurate, uniform machining results.
Specifically designed to replace Ref 433156, this high quality part enhances your brake lathe’s performance and extends its operational lifespan. By including this Rotor Feed Screw in your maintenance routine, you can ensure your machinery continues to perform at peak efficiency, delivering consistent, reliable results.

Serpentine Belt Van Norman

Serpentine Belt Van Norman

This serpentine main drive motor belt is tailored specifically for the 204 series brake lathes. With a length of 26″ and a 6-groove serpentine design, it provides efficient power transmission to ensure your machinery operates at its best.
This high quality belt is a suitable replacement for a range of models, including RELS 20484001D & 20484001C (part # 08247V), Van Norman 204 (part # 804-1082-47), Kwik Way 204 (part # 804-8676-69), and Accuturn 7700 (part # 280021). Replacing your existing belt with this durable, well crafted component can greatly enhance the performance and extend the life of your brake lathe, ensuring you consistently achieve precise machining results.

Spring Silencer Band

Spring Silencer Band

This pack of 4 Spring Silencer Bands, equipped with rubber inserts, is designed to fit around the diameter of vented rotors, reducing noise and vibrations caused by the springs during machine operation.
Compatible with most bench brake lathes, including RELS, Ammco, Ranger, Hunter, and Accuturn, these bands ensure smoother, quieter machine performance. The pack can replace RELS 11494 and OEM parts 9800, 909800, SB9800, 438190, 175-276-1.
Invest in this Spring Silencer Band pack to improve your machining experience and enhance your brake lathe’s performance. It’s more than just a part; it’s a commitment to superior quality operation.

Telescoping Way Cover

Telescoping Way Cover

This Telescoping Way Cover is a crucial component designed to protect the internal parts of your AccuTurn Brake Lathe. By preventing debris and dust accumulation, it maintains the overall cleanliness and functionality of your machine, ensuring its efficient operation.
Its unique telescopic design allows for easy access to the internals of your brake lathe during maintenance and cleaning, enhancing convenience and safety. This part replaces AccuTurn Reference 433735, offering a perfect fit and reliable protection for your machinery.
Invest in this Telescoping Way Cover to extend your brake lathe’s lifespan and maintain peak performance in all your machining tasks.

Brake Lathe Service

Brake Lathe Service, we recognize the complexity of sourcing the precise components for your brake lathe equipment. Amidst a myriad of models and a vast range of parts, the task can appear daunting. However, we are here to streamline this process for you.
As industry leaders, our team of seasoned professionals are dedicated to assisting you in pinpointing the exact parts required for your brake lathe, from an AccuTurn adjustment screw or a chip deflector, to a drum feed nut, and more. Our extensive catalog offers a comprehensive selection of quality parts, all engineered to elevate your brake lathe’s performance to its optimum level.
But our commitment doesn’t end at simply providing parts. We’re here to offer expert guidance on installation and maintenance to ensure your machinery continues to function seamlessly for years to come. Whether you’re in search of a single component or planning an entire system revamp, our team at Brake Lathe Service is ready to provide the support you need.
Reach out to us today and let our team at Brake Lathe Service simplify your quest for the perfect parts for your brake lathe. We make your machinery’s peak performance our mission.

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