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Importance of Brake Lathe Maintenance

Preventive maintenance for a brake lathe is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues like uneven surfaces, vibration, and decreased efficiency. By preventing these problems, you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

Benefits include improved safety, consistent brake quality, and extended equipment lifespan. Trust expert technicians to keep your brake lathes in top condition, ensuring reliable and efficient operations for your automotive shop. Regular upkeep not only boosts productivity but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing high-quality brake services. Prioritize preventive maintenance for a smooth-running brake lathe and a successful business.

Brake Lathe

Brake Lathe

At Brake Lathe Service, we are dedicated to resolving the issues that brake lathes present, helping automotive workshops and brake disc cutting shops. Our years of experience back us up, and we strive to solve all your problems and minimize the costs associated with having a malfunctioning machine. We understand the importance of having your brake lathe operating at 100%, which is why we guarantee that your machines will be working efficiently, ensuring you don’t lose money or customers. We are committed to providing solutions.

Often, other brake lathe companies promise to solve your problems, but shortly after, the issues reappear, or the machine stops working. This won’t happen with our team of experts, as we have acquired extensive knowledge over the years by understanding both the interior and exterior of each brake lathe.

Common Problems We Encounter in Brake Lathes

brake lathe

Varispeed Gearbox

A frequent issue with the varispeed gearbox is improper engagement, causing it to loosen or not stay in the correct speed, making brake cutting more difficult. We encounter and resolve this problem daily.

Shear Gear

The shear gear tends to wear out over time, causing significant issues for mechanics. It sometimes needs replacement to avoid damaging the transmission, which can make repairs more time-consuming. Regular lubrication is essential to prevent overheating and ensure proper maintenance.

Motor Pulley

Another common problem is the motor pulley wearing out over time, resulting in loss of cutting power, slippage, or unusual noises.

Input Shaft Bearing

Located within the smaller pulley, this bearing allows smooth rotation without breaking. Proper maintenance is crucial to prevent issues.

Brake Lathe Cross Feed

A lack of maintenance can cause the cross feed to malfunction, becoming blocked or forced. Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. We offer maintenance services and recommendations based on your machine’s needs.

At Brake Lathe Service, we know the importance of a fully functional brake lathe. Our expertise ensures that your equipment operates efficiently, saving you time and money. Contact us for professional maintenance and repair services.

Premium Machinery Maintenance: Guaranteed 3-Month Service for $450

Invest in Your Machinery for just $450.00 Every Job Comes with a 3-MONTH GUARANTEE Receive Continuous Free Check-ups Until Your Next Scheduled Service Applicable to Most Machines Additional cost for necessary parts. Specific repairs like gear box fixes on Ammco models may imply an additional cost. Repairs to electronic components in other models may incur extra charges. Guarantee applies to repaired components. We accept most major credit cards.

As a commitment to excellence, our team of experts offers high-quality service at a price of just $450. Every repair we perform is backed by a solid 3-month guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind and the maximum efficiency of your machinery.

In addition, we offer continuous free check-ups until your next scheduled maintenance, guaranteeing optimum performance and a longer lifespan for your equipment. This service is applicable to most machines we handle.

Please note that the base price of $450 does not include the cost of necessary parts**. In some instances, like gear box repairs on Ammco models, there may be additional costs. Similarly, repairs to electronic components in other models may result in a price increase.

Last but not least, our 3-month guarantee applies to the components we have repaired. For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service at a reasonable price, ensuring the best performance of your machinery.

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